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All self-publishing quotes are tailored, so you can pick the services you need without paying for ones you don’t.

You might be happy to tackle social media promotion and writing a blurb, for example, but need help with cover design and attracting reviews. Bespoke pricing offers the best value, because you only pay for the time spent working on your book. Better still, there’s transparency from the off about the estimated time needed for the specific task, guaranteeing the maximum number of hours and absorbing any excess. This gives you a set price which won’t rise.

The cost of work such as editing, indexing and typesetting is dependent on the size, state and sort of manuscript, which is factored into the price, making a flat-rate fee impossible, while ensuring you don’t overpay.

To give you some idea of price, though, let’s take a 50,000-word fiction book and a reasonable spread of service requests: line editing, typesetting and design, proofreading and upload file creation for a reflowable ebook. For a fully edited, proofread and designed book file ready for upload, based on an average level of editing intervention, the combined cost of those services is £1,250.

The example above shows why many authors now opt for a complete service, or do all but the editing themselves, because the chosen tasks mean the author must organise cover creation, including an ISBN, barcode and blurb, which are all needed for a book set for sale. You’ll also need to know how to upload the book file to the various platforms, troubleshooting any problems, and have your optimised metadata. After that, the likes of legal deposits will have to be handled and, if sales are your goal, book promotion.

Such complex pricing for self-publishing projects means the best way to set an accurate, fair fee is to charge by hourly rate. As stated above, a guaranteed maximum number of hours is set at the start of the work, with any excess absorbed by us to arrive at the overall project fee.

The hourly rate is £24. For editing, that represents a £6 per-hour reduction on the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading’s suggested rate for an advanced professional member.

For a bespoke quote, please see the list of services below. You can use the form near the bottom of the page, above our downloadable pdf self-publishing guide, or email us at listing the numbered services required.

A full list of services

1. Editing/proofreading – Editing includes checks on copyright and legal elements, with authors alerted to any issues. A fuller explanation of editing types is available on our home page at You can quickly navigate to the descriptions via the ‘Prices’ section on the side menu, under our testimonials, on the left side near the top of the page.

2. References and/or bibliography/glossary/TOCs/abbreviations – These are for non-fiction books, and can be extremely time-consuming due to the detailed nature of the work. For references and bibliographies, we’ll need you to supply all the information, which we’ll compile into a consistently presented resource which serves your readers well. Glossaries, tables of content and abbreviation lists, if you let us know before editing starts, can be compiled by your editor. Please state which of these you require.

3. Indexing – This is for non-fiction books, with the work needed varying hugely depending on the book’s complexity. An index is compiled at the end of the layout process then checked during proofreading.

4. Book design – A smooth reader experience is guaranteed through expert typesetting and interior design.

5. Blurb writing – It might seem like a small task given the few words needed for the back-cover description, but sales success demands this is done skilfully.

6. Cover design – As with the blurb, this task is vital to sales success. We work with talented designers to provide the most eye-catching and fitting covers.

7. ISBN/barcode – Confusingly, they’re not the same thing. We can give you an ISBN or help you get your own. This takes a bit of planning, including knowing if you want to publish more books under your own imprint. Separate accounts are needed to buy and register ISBNs.

8. E-book creation – A reflowable e-book will be created in a format for all major platforms.

9. Metadata – You’ll need information including the basics but also the likes of the BIC category, spine and trim sizes. You might have to supply up to 20 pieces of information, including long and short descriptions.

10. Promotion – With 2023 figures showing up to four million book releases worldwide last year, promotion is essential to make sure your hard work is spotted among the competition. Getting your book on platforms such as bookfunnel and Draft2Digital increases your chances of being seen, and we can help here.

11. Social media accounts – Not everyone is part of the digital world, so this vital aspect of book promotion can be especially off-putting. We can create your Facebook, Instagram and X accounts and get you started with some content, launching you on the path to more sales.

12. Reviews – We work with legitimate, proven, credentialled service providers to help you attract book reviews, working in line with Amazon’s algorithm. It should be noted that reviews will be honest and genuine, rather than quid-pro-quo reviews pretty much guaranteeing four and five stars.

13. Legal deposits – We can deposit the legally required books with the correct authorities. This will involve at least one book having to be sent, but possibly up to six.

14. Image/graphic sourcing – Many authors do this themselves, but it’s important to observe copyright and licensing restrictions, so it can also be outsourced to avoid any problems. We can source your images, making sure you stay within the law and have great-looking photos.

15. Video – Static images are fine for promotion, but video captures attention in a different way, raising your efforts above the rest. We can provide a 30-second video – a realistic time span for modern audiences – which will capture the uniqueness of your book

Author website

16. Website – Some platforms now provide a free web space, but many authors want their own sites. The likes of your bio, book excerpts, a blog and much more can feature, and you can include a sales portal. We can quote you separately from the rest of the work here for a bespoke website. We’re experienced web designers, having designed this and other sites. 

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